Are your processes losing you opportunities?

Image from Annah Stretton website


There are some activities you do simply because you have always done them that way. You clean your windows every month because you have always cleaned them every month. You change your window display every month because you have always changed your window display every month. So are you missing out when an opportunity arises simply because you haven’t thought to see the opportunity?

Whangamata is a small coastal town that usually has around 4000 residents for most of the year, but for the kiwi Christmas and New Year period, the population swells to around 23,000, so a massive increase in people wandering around the town. With an opportunity like this, the massive traffic increase, I saw no evidence of retailers taking advantage of it. Except one. Well done Annah Stretton

They saw the opportunity and changed their window display DAILY. I bet their sales rocked through the holiday period because they really capitalised on the extra traffic. They thought about their opportunity.

Are you missing out on  opportunities because of your processes?

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