Change, you can change

Charles Darwin had a saying “It’s not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change” and I use that quote in my key note speeches in relation to making sure your business keeps up with changes in communication, and other areas too.

Watching Madonna at the Super Bowl half time show yesterday made me thing about what Darwin said, and how she has not been reinventing herself as Hollywood makes out, but that she has simply kept up with change. Change in fashion, change in sound and change in showmanship as well as changing her look as she matures. At 53, I hope I look as good as her when I get there.

So when I sat at the World Business Forum in NYC last year, and listened to great speakers like Jack Welch and Pat Lencioni, they talked about change, and that technology is changing so fast, if your business is not even trying to keep up, it will die. No bones about it. Dead.

So what can you do to keep abreast of your competitors? How can you use the technology to create more awareness, more leads, more sales and more profit? Let me give you an example

Subway, allow you to place your order via text and have done for some time, but now they have an app for it, so you can order whatever you like, or simply reorder what you had last time, in fact, anything you can do in store, can be done from your phone. It has a complete store listing to choose from too. No need for a cardboard loyalty card anymore, simply scan your smartphone. You can even top up your account with money by scanning it in store so you don’t even need to worry about payment. Easy.

They have found a way to use technology very simply and it works, and it’s free and easy to use. If you are still using cardboard loyalty cards or something similar, how can you use technology to your advantage to stay ahead of the game?

Keep up with the changes going on around us, and you have a chance of succeeding.

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5 Responses to Change, you can change

  1. Clif says:

    Great points Linda. Along the same lines, whilst there are current examples of successful businesses ‘born’ out of using new or state of the art technology, for most of us, I’ve noticed technology a vehicle for improving an already sound business (much like Madonna) rather than making a crappy business successful. Might seem like stating the obvious but I see examples everyday of businesses hanging their hat too much on technology, hoping it will make them the next big thing!

  2. Tim Rueb says:

    I agree with the concept of change being controlled, crucial if you are a leader in a category or industry, but to use Madonna and a remix half time show in which she simply limp synced to her old music wouldn’t be my first choice in explaining to someone this is what we mean by change.

    • Ah, but she still sells hundreds of thousands of records, because she is still in demand, to different age groups too. 🙂

      Shame about the lip syncing, but that a side, the actual show and music were awesome and must have cost a fortune to put on.

  3. Tim Rueb says:

    All lip syncing aside, it is amazing that she has stayed in the forefront of the music industry for her genre.

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