Countdown and Green Shield Stamps?

ImageGreen Shield stamps were probably the first sign of a loyalty scheme, which started way back in the late 50’s and ran until 1991. The aim of the game was to simply collect the stamps from the retailer, stick them into books, and when you had so many books, you could redeem them for goods. A bit like a hard copy of Fly Buys. But that was way back when, and I thought we were past all that “sticking stuff”, but no, it’s back, and being used as a promotion in one of our favourite retailers, Countdown. A retailer that I thought was pretty well up with technology.

OK so it’s not quite the same as Green Shield stamps, but the concept is the same. Buy some food, and for every $20 you spend, you get a stamp. You stick the stamps on to a flimsy coloured brochure no less, not even card, and when it’s full, you can redeem it for knives! That is if it hasn’t ripped, been lost or squashed in the bottom of your bag first, or shredded by the cat. Whilst I realize it’s the supplier running the promotion, their name escapes me; I still see it as Countdown. Bad for their brand image?

The very same retailer not only has a great Facebook page which is always up with the play, but also recently sent me a small brochure style recipe book that gave me the address to some great “how to” style videos on their YouTube channel and uses QR codes in their marketing. Great ideas on all online platforms and innovative in their use.

Now I realize that it is not strictly them running the old fashioned stamp promotion, but come on guys, it must be a pain for your team to administer and is certainly a pain for us the customer, is there not an electronic version you can run with my Onecard?

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2 Responses to Countdown and Green Shield Stamps?

  1. Zac says:

    It seems to me that this departure back to the old fashion maybe one of nostalgia and to stand out in the crowd once more. Having something tangible has its merits when everything is on plastic cards and up in the internet somewhere.

    I like that they’ve decided to give this a go.

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