Facebook Fatigue or Facebook Fascination?

ImageOver the last few months, Facebook has gone through some exciting times with their float recently, but also during that time, there have been some big changes to how things run on the site.

But as more and more brands get involved, is this space changing for the better or for the worse, and are brands relying too heavily on this piece of what equates to “rented real estate”?

It wasn’t that long ago that Hell Pizza found themselves shut down on Facebook for breaching T&C’s and running “illegal” promotions on their wall, losing 20,000 fans. It was only through a friend of a friend working at Facebook situation, that they got their page turned back on again. Yes, they breached the rules, but imagine if after all of their hard work gaining those Likes, they lost them all, lost their database in effect, disaster.

That said, it looks like they are now flaunting another T&C breach with their Queens Birthday Weekend banner image displaying their contact details, so they obviously have not learned their lesson. That is of course, unless they rely on their Facebook friend once again, but with over 40,000 Likes, why risk it?

I also feel sorry for those companies that create apps for us all to use on our pages that rely heavily on Facebook for their own business to succeed, apps such as Tabsite. Now when we had the option of creating a landing page and “fan gating” it, that all went west when the new timeline that we use today was rolled out, pushing landing pages out of the way. Yes there are work-a-rounds, but it is not the same, and if I was one of those companies that relied on Facebook so much, I would be pretty frustrated to say the least, but again, I guess that’s what you get working with rented real estate.

And now the latest thing is to learn how little of our content is actually seen by our fans, even though they subscribe to hear what we post. But wait, there’s more….you can now pay to get your message seen by more with Promoted Posts. You do have to wonder if the fact that so few of your fans actually see your posts, that this is a ploy to gain revenue as you now have no choice if you want to be seen by more.

So what will happen to Facebook users in the coming months, will brands succumb to paying to have their posts seen? What about the small business owner who simply doesn’t have the budget? Will smaller brands simply fizzle out their FB presence?

Some say that Facebook growth has started to slow, with reports that some of the younger members are now once again looking for the next cool place to hang out. After all, who wants to hang out in the same place that your parents and even grandparents hang out?

Facebook’s mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”, which it continues to work towards with nearly a Billion users, some tribe of people!

I wonder if the whole platform will simply go right back to the beginning, just somewhere to connect with your friends. What do you think?

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