Collective Dairy – They’ve got the right moooves.

Whilst there is still a lot of debate about how to get the most out of social media, doing the “rights” and steering clear of the “wrongs”, there is nothing quite as good as a good old fashioned example – a smallish company who is doing it very right.

From a town all the way down under in New Zealand, a bunch of dairy people decided to get together and join resources so they could set out to be the best at what they do – produce great yogurt and some great cheeses. They have called themselves Collective Dairy.

Advertising was out of the question initially, so they decided to go full tilt on the social media sites, namely Facebook and Twitter. But don’t lot’s of brands do that, what makes these guys so special?

It’s all in the personality, let me explain.

The branding


As you can see, the branding is very eye catching and I particularly like the cows’ head logo with the company name cleverly integrated, but you can already feel the personality coming out with the cute “Oolala” and “more muscle” speech bubbles.

The Terminology

Everything they do is around the dairy farmyard, from their fans and followers being called their “herd”, to finishing every post on the social platforms with “no bull”. (Obviously bulls don’t produce milk so very fitting) and the use of common terminology such as “moolicious”. And guess who runs their various pages? You guessed it, Daisy. She even has her own personal Facebook profile page to back it up.

Having spoken to Daisy several times on twitter, I asked her to come clean with her real name, but true to her brand, he reply was simply “Daisy will do fine, wink”.


The story


When Daisy’s boss had their first child, (and Angus is his very fitting real name – no bull) they announced it with this very cute image.

The news


When they are in the news, rather than just mention it, they take a picture of the actual article, and place a pot of moolicious yogurt drink along with it. Creative and very easy to do.

The winners

When they were placed number 57 in the Headstream Social Brands 100 , competing against giants such as Coca Cola and Starbucks from right across the world, they celebrated no doubt, and placed another cool graphic on their page.

Do you get the idea of how this is working?

I have watched with fascination how a basic product like yogurt can be so well marketed, talked about and get such great brand exposure online, and from a smallish company. Whilst they don’t have “large herds of followers and fans”, their communication strategy is very engaging, awesomely simple and grabs me by the horns.

It really works. They have created a whole creamy white experience that makes me want to buy their apple crumble extra thick yogurt and keep it for myself, and I bet they had a bit of fun creating the story that goes with their online dairy farm.

Simply moovalous.

What personality can you put behind your brand? Love to hear your examples below.

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