Has retail lost it’s detail?

So, if retail is detail, what has happened to just a couple of our best well-known high street brands, franchises or not?

I took a quick trip to Sylvia Park today, purely to get the car valeted and grab a coffee at the same time, and I was quite astonished to see the state of disrepair in The Coffee Club. What sort of impression is this type of thing leaving and will I bother going back never mind write a blog post about it?


Opposite The Coffee Club, is Dick Smith, the electric superstore, and hanging on the outside of their main entrance way, are a line of self printed and laminated letters reading “18 months interest free”. It too looked pretty bad, and not a good look for a high street brand in my view. Maybe there is no budget to get something more in keeping printed up.


Just two examples in plain view I saw today, there are probably more. Come on people, we customers make big decisions about what we see with our own eyes, you are definitely not doing yourselves any favours.

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2 Responses to Has retail lost it’s detail?

  1. Carol says:

    Coffee Club is not selling the experience, apparently they think they are just selling cofee…..oh, so, wrong. Starbucks nails it every time!

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