Adding in an admin fee?

How to bug your customer unnecessarily.



This morning, the bill came from the local appliance repair centre after getting both my dishwasher and my cooker fixed and whilst I accept there is a charge for coming out to my home, why do they feel it’s OK to charge me an admin fee too?

It’s a measly $2.50, but it really is the principle of it. Either hide the charge or better yet, don’t charge it. It’s dumb things like that that make you think twice about using them again. Think longer term guys.

Do you charge admin fees in your business?


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2 Responses to Adding in an admin fee?

  1. Tim Rueb says:

    Does seem strange. In a way, we all charge admin fees but they are usually included in the service fee I would think.

    I usually see this type of billing from companies that are oligopolies with no real competition, and thus mandated by some authority to provide ‘transparency’ to ensure the consumer understands just how their bill was created.

  2. I like transparency too, but I just think the charge is unjustified and irksome 🙂

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