Permission to mail? I will anyway.

I have just received an email from a company that I unsubscribed from some time ago, now asking for me back with an incentive. Are we allowed to do this? Is it even OK to do this from a brand point of view, or are they pushing the boundary a little?

Here it is:

“This email has been sent to you as you have previously subscribed to newsletters from XXXXX, XXXXX Shopping or XXXXXX Shopping. You have not been subscribed or re-subscribed to the newsletters for these stores. We are sending you this email once only. This email was sent by XXXX Ltd, 1 Nelson Street, Auckland, NZ.”

It seems just a little concerning that mine and others’ details are making the rounds, what are your thoughts? It is morally OK to do this even if it is legal and would you do it to your ex data base?

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4 Responses to Permission to mail? I will anyway.

  1. Doug Hanna says:

    Cheeky. I wouldn’t do it. I think it is brand damaging because the recipient is going to be displeased.

  2. I think it’s going too far. If you’ve unsubscribed then you’ve made your feelings clear. It’s nothing more than spam, and should be reported as such – maybe then people will get the message!

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