Facebook email notifications – big mistake.

I have just returned from a week away on holiday to find an embarrassing situation has occurred with my out of office message. Because I had not turned off my email notifications to the Facebook pages I administer, whenever someone posted on one of those pages, they got a reply from me saying I was enjoying the sun in Fiji and posted to their page!

What was doubly worse, was that when I got back, I was already ill, and so immediately changed my out of office message to being sick, and that too posted. Groan!

Don’t let this happen to you if you are your pages’ admin. Simply go to “manage notifications” and un-tick the box for the duration you are away. You can always turn it back on again when you return. Next time I go away, it won’t be a problem, lesson learned.

Manage Facebook notifications

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2 Responses to Facebook email notifications – big mistake.

  1. Erin says:

    Hi Linda, this is certainly a graceful way to handle the situation!

    Thanks for sharing your ‘misfortune’ so we can learn from it.

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