“Talk – In search of Serendipity”

SerendipityI hope this quick message finds you very well indeed, with business booming and your social life hopping!

There have been some great serendipity stories being sent through that I am weaving into my next book quite nicely, but I do need more, so if you are happy to share with the rest of the world, please send them through or add to the comments below. There is even a newly set up Facebook page if you wish to share them there.

They can be business-focused events that have happened to you because of fate stepping in. It could have been a conversation with a stranger resulting in a total career change, or a huge new account.  Or maybe something more personal, maybe you met your wife at a soccer game whilst queuing for a coffee….

What I am expanding on in my book, is that these opportunities come our way for a reason, but we should look out for them too, by chatting to more strangers.

I have also developed a new keynote on the same subject, entitled “Talk – In search of Serendipity” so for those of you that are organizing or involved with putting events together, do get in touch, I’d love to spread the idea to your audience.

Kind thoughts, now go and speak to someone you don’t know and see if anything serendipitous happens!

Linda Coles, Blue Banana


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