Content curation for the B2B sector – new to you

Content curatorIf your target market is in the B2B sector, then chances are Facebook may not be somewhere you will be spending much time. Instead, you need to be hanging out and networking where other like-minded business people, preferably those that want what you have to offer are hanging out. You can put all the updates you want onto your company Facebook page, but it may just be a waste of time for you.

If your business is in the B2B sector, then you will need to have an up to date, extremely robust and comprehensive LinkedIn profile with company page, a great database that you talk to regularly and you will be blogging at least weekly if not more.

The first two areas should be a given, you should have those working for your brand right now, but if you really are stuck with the blogging aspect, or more so the time aspect of blogging, then you probably need the services of a content curator.

A content creator is someone that literally picks the best content off the web or from books, maybe adapts it a little, and re-posts the best and meaningful bits with full attribution to the original author. No stealing, no copyright issues, just picking the best information and using again, legitimately. They simply capture the best content from the rabble of noise that surrounds us daily.

This content can then be used to compile your blog, your newsletter content as well as your LinkedIn updates. The most popular topics for the B2B sector are sales and marketing, your team, strategic planning, and general business. What do your clients want to hear about?

The content can be supplied to you for you to use, or the delivery can be handled directly for you, it’s your choice.

Anyone in the B2B space should be using this service, it’s so simple to organize and so simple to get results, so find out more today.

Now that your content is organised, you can relax and get on with something else.




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