You post, but am I even there?

Plenty has been said about the best times of the day to post to your company Facebook page for optimum results, and you may have done a few lose trials yourself, but are your target market really listening at those suggested times of the day?

If my target market are women aged 18 – 28, then I had better be posting often during the day to keep them engaged, and maybe even into the evening and weekends too. But if my target market are women 45 – 55, am I better simply posting first thing in a morning whilst they have breakfast, or early evening just before the best TV shows start?

I personally don’t use Facebook for personal use during the day, I’m busy working, so as a brand, if you are posting to me then, chances are I’ll miss it.

Food for thought posters. What has your experience been so far?

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2 Responses to You post, but am I even there?

  1. Early morning and late evening work best for this agegroup from my recent experience apart from an enthusiastic minority who post away merrily throughout the day. Some only check in a couple of times a week. But let’s not forget 20-25% who still shun Facebook so email is a better way to reach them.

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