LinkedIn Profiles – What’s changed?

New linkedIn profile changes


The new LinkedIn profile look hit me today so I thought I would quickly point out the changes and how they make an impact on you. The main things to note are:

  • Your contact details are hidden away making the whole area much smaller.
  • Your employment history is condensed
  • Your image is bigger so make sure it’s a good one.

LinkedIn profile contact detailsYour contact details might be hidden away, but with the new layout, it pulls up the extra information such as your address and anything else you have in this area, making it more visible. This previously sat at the bottom of most peoples page.


This means that everything has moved up quite a bit making your summary even more important as it’s so much closer to the top of the page now or “above the fold”, so spend some time and focus on getting your summary reading well.

I like the new look, what do you think?

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2 Responses to LinkedIn Profiles – What’s changed?

  1. MMM says:

    not a big change really…. I was waiting for more.

  2. Paul Slater says:

    Hi Linda,

    The new condensed LinkedIn profile does look more professional. One thing that still bugs me is in the ‘Current’ role part. It still seems to just take the most recent roles chronologically which might be logical for those employed by a single business. For others who work for quite a few it often gives a miss-leading indication and, in my case, ignores my own business since that started before the others! Is there any way round this that you know of, other than fiddling the dates?


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