Manage my impression

Many businesses offer great service or great products, and you are happy using them. Then one day, you see something that changes your mind about them, particularly if it’s a product that you consume.

Your business has it’s own window display, whether it’s a physical window, an online window, or simply the areas on display when someone visits the premises and so particular care needs to be taken about what first impressions you are offering.

We continually “eat with our eyes”, buy from those we like given the chance, and value a recommendation to use a particular service or product that meets our needs so we don’t get it wrong. So why then, do some businesses carry on as though no one will notice if things on display perhaps shouldn’t be on display?

I have been going to a new coffee shop over the last few weekends because I like a particular product they sell and until my latest visit, was quite happy. So what changed?

Their dirty “clean” laundry was on display for all to see hanging from the ceiling on a rack, which is certainly not conducive with eating nice food in a pleasant café.

It’s not about using a better washing detergent, it’s about managing my impression of the premises, and keeping the “dirty” laundry away from customers that will pay with their feet and worse, maybe tell their friends too.

Take a good look around your business premises with fresh eyes. Have you got any” dirty laundry” on display that you’d rather wasn’t?





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