Difference creates opportunity – in search of serendipity

Serendipity, luck, fate, all mean the same thing, something unexpected or an unplanned event happening and by making some simple changes to your routine, adding some difference, you will give yourself a chance of stumbling across something or someone new, fresh, interesting or exciting.

Being in search of serendipity is definitely a contradiction in terms, but you can give the serendipity gods a bit of a shove in the right direction.

There is an accountancy firm in town that has a rule about where their employees can and can’t eat their lunch. No one is allowed to eat at their own desk, they must make the effort to either sit in the lunchroom, or go out, and this is for a very simple reason. You won’t meet anyone new sat at your desk eating!

Everyone wants new clients right? So this firm has simply made it policy that everyone knows someone who uses an accountant, so why not make use of each and every team member to get their brand name out there and be talked about when possible?  That doesn’t mean you can go into sales mode at every opportunity, that’s just not cool, but engaging in a conversation with a stranger will very often lead round to “what do you do?”

Some simple areas to create difference:

  • Go to a different coffee shop each day and take note of the people in there, you may recognize    someone you once knew or would like to know.
  • Park on a different street occasionally
  • Get your gas from a different filling station
  • Stand at a different place on the sideline this weekend
  • Try a different take-away restaurant this Friday night

All of these are very simple things to put into place to heighten your chances of seeing something or someone new. Putting yourself in different situations and dropping seemingly irrelevant things into the conversation can have a profound effect on the outcome if the serendipity gods are all lined up and ready to make things work out. If you don’t first give them the ammunition to work with, it’s never going to happen.

What can you change in your routine to stumble onto conversations with new people?

Linda Coles is the author of “Learn marketing with social media in 7 days” (Wiley) and is a speaker and trainer on building relationships. She lives in New Zealand on a fig orchard.

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